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Central Mississippi, Incorporated Assisting Clients in Leflore County with Water Issues

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In a small town in Leflore County, Mississippi, residents of Schlater were without water for nearly two years. Central Mississippi, Inc. was informed of the issue during the latter part of 2019 by a resident of Schlater and via social media. The residents and public officials of Schlater created a task force to come together to discuss opportunities/resolutions to eradicate this potential health hazard by providing water and other necessities for the residents.

The agency identified this as a health and safety issue and immediately provided temporary assistance and identified permanent options for the future. Central Mississippi, Inc. applied for a disaster relief grant and received it in July of 2020. This grant provided a well with clean, drinking water for the small community of five families. Central Mississippi, Inc. is grateful for the support of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Community Services, and all others that played a part in this successful endeavor. The well was completed in November of 2020 and since that time, the residents have had access to clean, drinking water and water for household needs. Additionally, the funds were used to assist with utility bills for the homes and the electrical outlets needed for the operation of the newly installed well.

The agency did a post-check-up in January of 2021 and the residents are still enjoying the water well and all of the benefits attached to it. The agency will continue to assist the families when/if needed and notify them of any new opportunities that will enhance their quality of life. The total grant amount was $63,495.00. Of that amount, $57,504.95 was utilized. The remaining $5,990.05 or (9.43 %) will be returned to the Division of Community Services.