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Programs & Campaigns

Establishing programs that address the needs of individuals in the community

At Central Mississippi, Inc., we value the importance of carefully planned campaigns that not only fulfill the needs of individuals and families with different struggles but also give them hope that the right support will always be given to them no matter the circumstances. We also believe that with campaigns such as ours, we can inspire other people to share good deeds of generosity.

We offer the following programs:

We also offer programs such as:

Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) – It provides a variety of services and activities to address the needs of low-income or the disenfranchised, homeless, elderly, disabled, and migrants. Some of its services include:

  • Job Training and Assistance
  • Education Assistance
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Health Care Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Nutritional Assistance
  • Employment Financial Assistance
  • Income Management Services

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – It provides financial assistance to low-income renters or homeowners to help heat or cool their homes by making direct payments to their gas or electric utility companies.

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